I May not be Intellectual, BUT . . . . . . .

I am a government employee. I have been in government for many years and have not yet assimilated fully. Why is that, you ask? Because I was raised by conservative parents with a strong appreciation for hard work. I also married a man with whom I ran a small business. We are not “grant-friendly” people, because of demographic status. In other words, we are not minority business enterprise entitled. Whatever success we were to have, we would have to do it on our own. Because of that and other factors, we failed in our small business. The experience we have with running that small business puts us in a unique position to know the pitfalls and joys of that enterprise. The POTUS has never had to make a payroll, do inventory control, pay for supplies or file a sales tax return. Therefore, is it ANY surprise at all that his only frame of reference is to come up with “tax credits” for small businesses who hire an employee? It doesn’t work that way. You give TAX CUTS to small business and then get the HELL out of the way.

But, since I’m not an intellectual, I would not know as much as you do, Mr. President. GOD HELP US.


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