Sacrificing James O’Keefe on the alter of ACORN

As soon as I saw the headlines yesterday regarding James O’Keefe’s arrest for some federal crime that I have never heard of, I figured that the hard left and ideologues on all the leftie blogs would salivate at the thought of somehow making a moral equivalency argument. In their sick and twisted minds, James O’Keefe’s actions (whatever they turn out to be) completely absolve the nutjobs employed at ACORN. These people, who have been conspiring for years with the assistance of our tax dollars to promote unspeakable acts (among those child prostitution if you believe the videotapes that O’Keefe and his partner produced after going undercover at various ACORN offices around the country), feel vindicated today, according to their “leader” Bertha Lewis.

Explain to me, if you will, how the as yet undiscovered factual basis for James O’Keefe’s arrest has anything to do with the actions documented on those videotapes? Also, please explain to me why CNN, MSNBC, and all the other major media outlets justify immediately reporting on O’Keefe’s arrest (complete with self-righteous innuendo and commentary) did not treat the ACORN expose’ with the same zeal and interest? Not only does the media conspire to detract negative information that might hurt Obama and everything associated with him, it also sets out to destroy those who have raised valid legal questions.

Pray tell–will O’Keefe be given the same courtesy as the baton-wielding thugs from Philly? Somehow, I doubt it.


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