When was the last time someone else paid for YOUR booze and food?

Nancy Pelosi, in case you don’t know, is the Speaker of the House (SOTH). I would add an “L” in there to make it humorous, but that’s not what I plan for this post. A good group with “justice” in the name made a FOIA request to know how much it costs for the Air Force to fly her around, since she’s so precious and special. It cost in 2009 $2M for US to make sure she got to go home and other places. In addition, we paid $101,000 for “in-flight” goodies. These goodies are booze and food. I resent paying for her to get drunk or anyone else flying with her to get drunk. Maybe that sounds small and petty. WHISKEY and BEER are not necessities for her safety “in flight” Let the troll pay for it herself!!!


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