I am Me.

My daughter and I in Chattanooga

My daughter and I in Chattanooga

I love my life and I love the law.  It is very rewarding to also be a mother of a most beautiful daughter.  I live in rural Western Kentucky around a lot of water and fishing.  My daughter loves to fish.  But this is ALL ABOUT ME. 🙂

I have had my law license for 18 years and have been in the criminal defense/prosecution field before entering the world of representing a state agency.  I work for a social services agency as its attorney and believe me, that causes some interesting points of view clashes at times.  They don’t understand me and I don’t understand them!


9 responses to “I am Me.

  1. Hi law mom.

    I have been up all night blogging. Don’t post my remark I can’t even spell. I glanced at the title and thought you were doing a drop the G thing and wrote before I thought. Scrap that comment and I’ll post another

    Good post I like your site.

    I think we have exchanged posts before. If you are a lawyer, what can we all think about all these lawsuits against a Presidental Candidate and they are just ignored but the media disects Palin’s trash can and attack the poor plumber…

    Is it possible the powers that be know a lot more than we all given them credit for.

  2. Hey D, heard you talk today in Paducah, KY you were totally awesome.. I will proudly put a MILBURN ’09 sign in my yard. You rock, with facts.

  3. HI lawmom,

    Well it is here. It is in God’s hands now (I hope not ACORN’s :^)

    I really enjoyed your video Value Voters.

    Do you think that tape of Obama saying he was going to bankrupt the coal industry will resonate with anyone in those coal states? That is in KY where you are, too right? It came so late. If we had had that even a few days ago. I have to say where has the republican research team been in finding stuff like that. It seems like bloggers have uncovered more than any republican research arm. I am waiting for Palin’s Rep handlers to start blaming her if it doesn’t go their way. I hope we all rise up and thwart their efforts to smear her yet again.

    But I am still praying we pull this off.

    Words if Wisdom

    Gets me jazzed everytime – not for Hillary, but
    I think she was robed too, but I have lost all respect for her now that she is groveling for OBAMA after what he did to her in the Primary. I think she will have alot to over come in 2012. I think she would have done better to not support OBAMA after he was so disrepectful to her and demeaning in the primary. To me it shows no backbone to go a grovel and support someone that was so sexist and demeaning to her.

    Anyway, this gets my feet moving

    Let’s keep in touch…

    God Bless.

  4. Hi Lawmom90 – My husband has been a prosecutor for 22 years. County, State and now Federal. I’m a stay at home mom for the last 12 years with my son, 12 and daughter 9. I like the teamsarah site but there seem to be a lot of trolls on it. I have never blogged in my life until this election on McCainspace.com. Hope we can survive this election. I’m terrified… already mandating community service for kids and seniors?? Very scary.

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