I am back! I have sat by and watched a lot of strange things over the last almost 4 months. Terrorist attack at Fort Hood that was preventable; weekly massacres among families (or so it seems there is a story every week of a family being murdered by another family member); idiotic Congressmen (and women) ignoring what the American public overwhelmingly demands that it do. I have come to the realization that leadership is lacking, or the priority it pursues is different from my own. Oh, for those of you who used to read me last year, I want you to know that the Christmas Eve vote of the Senate on health care that culminated in the largest collective perpetration of prostitution and pimping finally disgusted me enough that I am now a registered REPUBLICAN. Now, I don’t love the Republican National Committee. I thought Michael Steele had a lot of potential, but he’s wound up being quite the Zero. I enjoy exercising my right to vote, and since I have mainly voted Republican with few exceptions over the years, I finally realized that I need to be part of a political party that more closely resembles my values. EXCEPT Trey Greyson. He does NOT represent my values at all. I’ll give the man credit for what he has done as Kentucky’s Secretary of State; however, he needs to do something other than be the next buttkissing, aisle-crosser who cannot be trusted to stand on principle at all times. I changed my affiliation so that I could exercise my right to vote in a Republican primary this coming May for a man named Rand Paul. Dr. Paul is a sensible, down-to-earth gentleman who is an ophthalmologist in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He has a Facebook page and I would encourage you to go there to get his viewpoint. Trey Greyson has so far jumped on little, petty issues and tried to make an attack on Dr. Paul. I don’t appreciate those kinds of tactics. That’s something a Democrat would do. Coincidentally, Trey Greyson used to be a Democrat, but changed about the time the Republicans received their mandate in 1994 to take over a majority in Congress. Opportunist? You decide. All I know is, I believe in the high road. And I am very tired of being sold down the river by people who don’t have my values. I will no longer sit by and allow it to go on. I am informed and I am active.


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