Our President has his head in the clouds (or somewhere else)

I am a little disgusted, puzzled and otherwise bamboozled by a group of the smartest people in America (supposedly) continuing to feign such ignorance and surprise at the angry movement known as Tea Parties. The President left Washington today and went to Minnesota so he wouldn’t have to view the mile of people lined up from the Capitol steps to the Washington Monument. Also, his beloved press secretary (Robert AKA “Baghdad Bob” Gibbs) made some comment about “some group, he wasn’t sure who they were.” GIVE ME A BREAK. This is our leader, who is supposed to be aware of every threat, every promise, every business plan, etc. He NAUSEATES me to my core with his self-important pretensions. That’s why so many people are in Washington DC today–they share my viewpoint. And we haven’t even formally discussed it; it’s just that palpable.


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