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I am still waiting to have something intelligent to say.  I have been in a fog for several days, with no inspiration. I have been struggling to get a handle on the direction the country seems to be going.  Some of the mysteries that elude me are (1) a full and enlightened point of view about deflation, inflation and hyper-inflation; (2) why we are still having an argument about the birth certificate issue, when it is apparent that he has successfully avoided that question; (3) why all the people in Obama’s Cabinet appear to be Clinton retreads and are receiving political favors; (4) why the prominent Republican leaders are frightened of Sarah Palin to the extent that they publicly demean and diminish her; (5) why we don’t value capitalism; (6) why we can’t say Merry Christmas in some areas of the country; (7) why people don’t see that SOME liberals are SOME of the most closed-minded people on the planet.  This list goes on and on.  To entertain ourselves and take our minds off the serious issues, consider this–Who will replace Alan Colmes?


4 responses to “Insert responsible comment here—

  1. no one wil replace alan, the whole show is about sean, al about sean, only seans direction is seen.. i missed you today… hope you and your family have a very happy thanksgvinging and a great black friday… wonder if obama does black friday.. wonder what we would do on a white friday…hmmmm

  2. Lawmom and her family had a GREAT Thanksgiving, at least from this point of view! On (just plain) Friday, we went to La Michiocana and purchased great food, including genuine tamales. Rock on, Christmas is on it’s way. Have a Merry Christmas, all who enter here.

  3. When will lawmom be back, 2 days without, makes one blah.. i need her guidance, her wisdom, her knowledge, her creditibility, her confience..i need lawmom…..

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