Editor’s note:  I wrote this the day after Palin announced she would not be running for President for the 2012 general election cycle.


Hero worship in any form is unhealthy and steals from us the ability to be free thinkers.  I have admired Sarah Palin and her career since August 2008 when she was first introduced to the country as John McCain’s running mate.  I immediately saw myself in her and her values.

Today is my birthday and on my birthday in years past, I have written about her several times. I am inspired by the courage of the woman and her values.  I am also deeply appreciative of her being an ordinary person.  She has been thrust, probably unwillingly, into a hot spotlight. The position she has found herself in over the last three years after the November 2008 decision probably hasn’t been comfortable or desirable.  She has made tough choices, almost all of which I agree with.

I view Sarah Palin not as a person to be worshipped—I view her as an idea and a symbol of what our great nation can be.  She encouraged me to begin to learn how politics works.  I must admit that I have never been as knowledgeable about or as engaged in our country’s wellbeing as I am right now.  I can honestly thank her for the inspiration.  She has strived to awaken the inner patriot in all of us.  Just like our founders—who were human and were not perfect—she is human and imperfect.  I don’t for one minute think that she has misled or deceived any of us.  She sought to light a patriotic spirit.  Was it she who furthered the idea of her running for president, or did she always promise us that she was giving it prayerful consideration.  I think the latter is more accurate, and I believe all of us die-hard Palin fans have put our own interpretation on whatever her words or deeds have been.  At the risk of seeming harsh, our feelings are hurt, our egos are bruised and we want someone to account to us for the perceived wrong we have collectively suffered.  But we are all responsible for the choices we make in supporting a candidate.  We can’t foresee anyone replacing her, as she is the “gold standard.”

It is important to right the wrong course the nation is currently on.  We must continue to believe that one single individual can make a difference.  We must continue to search for our own abilities and talents, and to apply them where they will make the most positive effect.  That notion is the truth of what Sarah Palin means.  I will still fight to save the country, regardless of whether Palin is in office or not.


2 responses to “GAME (STILL) ON!

  1. Very well written and I completely agree. She and her plight represent an aspect of our movement to correct course that we can all connect with. She inspires involvement and continued involvement fighting for what is right and just. Thank you for writing this piece :0)

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