Sheeee’s Baaaaacck

I know everyone has missed me terribly! Occasionally, my work or personal life just gets so crazy that I have no time or energy to blog. I have something remarkable occur every day of my life, but sometimes I just have to bask in it solo, rather than inflict it on the unsuspecting masses. Several pretty awful things have gone on this month, namely passage of the gargantuan health care debacle as well as a good hard slap on the face of our most important ally–Israel. In the coming days, I will join millions of other people who have written about the distractions that surrounded the health care fallout. There is really only one effective way in which to process the actions of the administration and the liberals in Congress and that is to remember the rules for radicals that Saul Alinsky wrote about. When you devour every story under that frame of reference, you gain focus and clarity. And you learn the most important rule about giving it right back. We are at a disadvantage, however. We were raised to be decent, trusting people who play fair. We were not raised to hate America. It is our very love for America that will be our salvation; I am sure of it.


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