In the BLINK of an Eye, you too can be in the CRAPPER

This is a warning for all the Republicrats out there. That’s my term for people in the Republican party who occasionally morph into big spenders and retreat from their conservative principles. Think hard on ways to keep your message focused on what the TEA PARTY people are saying. The TEA PARTY folks are not gunning for a third party situation. That would be disastrous. TEA is an acronym for “Taxed Enough Already.” In my opinion (based solely on empirical data gleaned since Summer 2008), the “gas” for this vehicle was produced on the day that the story of Barack Obama’s statement to “Joe the Plumber” hit the airwaves. Remember that fateful day? Obama told Joe he wanted to “spread the wealth.” How does one go about that? He taxes the fire out of the folks who are still lucky enough to have jobs, or he prints so much money that our mint is the most active printing press in America, or he leverages us to the Chinese who HATE US.

Listen up, establishment, button-down Republicans who are going to dinner with Dems in Washington and porking it up in the budget committee. WE HATE THAT. The more projects you bring home to us, the more of our cash you are stealing. Let’s live within our means in this country. Every pay period, I have to carefully budget my dwindling paycheck. That’s going on at every house across America with one or more wage earner. That’s the process that is becoming more and more prevalent and causing the participants in the TEA PARTY to “blow their lid.” Ignore it at your peril. Listen to it, and you will thrive in the good knowledge that you helped save us.


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