She Did, She Did Act like a Lady

Michelle Bachmann is a nice lady from Minnesota, from everything I’ve seen. Arlen Specter is an old fart from Pennsylvania who needs to retire. About 20 times yesterday, I heard the audio of an exchange that occurred on Dom Giordano’s program yesterday. I suspect that Bachmann and Specter were discussing the health care bill and analyzing the Brown election (at least that is what it sounded like).

Where Sean Hannity picked up the conversation on his show was the point at which Specter raised a point that Bachmann disagreed with, so she commented. Specter started demanding very sternly that she not interrupt him and that she “act like a lady.” Let me tell you; she was extremely ladylike and no doubt in shock.

I am about the same age as Bachmann and I have experienced similar treatment in my career. You never get used to people talking to you like that no matter how experienced you are. The only other comment I would make is that Specter seemed to be an “ageist” rather than a sexist, because he later went on to say the same thing to the host, Dom Giordano, when Dom stepped in to try to regain control. (with the exception of the “act like a lady” part). He really came across as an extremely cranky old man and you could almost picture him shaking his cane at the two and saying “you kids get off my lawn!”


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