I began reading about this Miracle of Massachusetts called Scott Brown sometime late last week. What I have learned about him is that while he is not perfect, he is the closest thing to bringing back honesty and sanity to an extremely corrupt government machine in the state that was one of the birthplaces of freedom. Martha Coakley is a prosecutor and she is the WORST representative (Duke University lacrosse players’ prosecutor aside) I’ve seen lately of what happens when prosecutor gets too powerful and politicized. I have learned in reading about her that she blew off prosecuting the son of a political crony who RAPED a 23 month old girl with a hot curling iron. She also kept an innocent man in prison for 4 years. She is scum. She watched her aid Meehan push down John McCormack, after she blatantly ignored his question by turning and saying “any other questions?” SHE IS SCUM, HAVE I MENTIONED THAT YET?

Now, there’s been a photograph published of Scott Brown when he was 22 years old. As a young adult, he posed nude in Cosmopolitan after winning a contest. Let me say this right now–he among us who is without sin, cast the first stone. Is there anyone in her/his 40s 50s or 60s who has not done something STUPID in his youth? Some of them continue to do the stupid things (check the headlines over the past few years and months if you need examples). Ahem Harry Reid. Anyway, I think these tactics stink. VOTE SCOTT BROWN.


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