what may I eat and drink, please?

Over the years, I have become somewhat more health-conscious; I am in no way perfect in this regard. However, with the latest “brouhaha” about salt, I have decided to speak my mind about the NANNY STATE mentality that this country has at times. “Don’t drink diet soda” “Don’t drink regular soda” “Don’t eat salt” “Don’t drink coffee” are just a few of the diatribes I have read over the last few months. Oh, let me also add, “watch your fat intake.” Can we all agree that we are reasonably intelligent people who are capable of reading the handy Nutrition information that is on every item of food and drink sold in USA? Are we not all ultimately responsible for our own personal wellbeing? I get tired of this constant, dictatorial mood of legislators.

Remember, what it all boils down to is this– LIVE WELL, EAT RIGHT, DIE ANYWAY.


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