The Republican party is full of splinters right now. Maybe it has been brewing for a while, and I am just now realizing it. Nothing has educated me more about the value of conservative principles than this past year and the health care fiasco. Take the fellow from Louisiana who voted in the House for the health care bill because of some misguided or ignorant belief that it was what his constituents wanted. RINO. I have joined the Republican Party grudgingly. Rand Paul is a candidate for the U.S. Senate, seeking to fill the slot left by Jim Bunning. My preference would be to register Independent; however, in order to vote in a primary election in Kentucky you must be registered to that party. If more Rand Pauls would run we would have fewer Trey Graysons eventually. And that, in my opinion, would be a very good thing. Those people such as Mr. Grayson should rejoin the Democratic party and stop pretending to have Republican, conservative viewpoints. Remove the splinters; stop the infection. The healing begins almost instantaneously.


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