This post may be too philosophical for some, but I am duty-bound in this time of great divergence and dissension to write it. I have learned in the last twelve years the true meaning of friendship. I have had people in my life who came to my house and let me come to their house. We socialized, talked for hours, and shared deep dark secrets. Some of those people were friends just because I have known them more than half my life. Some were friends for the moment because of a shared dream, interest or viewpoint.

Here lately, I have become even more opinionated than I ever have been in my previous 25 years. I know some of you may not feel that is possible, as I have been pretty opinionated. But stark reality hits me smack in the kisser, so here goes. #1 I am sick of people mooching off me for their own self-interest. #2 I am sick of people only liking me if they agree with me. #3. I am sick of other people’s opinions being the only thing that matters in a conversation. #4. I still love all of you, but you make me sick if you have done 1-3.

Happily, I have several close friends who have never violated #1-#3 above. You know who you are and I thank you. The rest of you, please do a self-examination of your behavior and motives. I pray that you will realize the only thing that is important right now is preserving the fabric of this nation born in liberty and free from tyranny. Please don’t get mired in the mindset of “what’s in it for me?” That is killing us one ACORN at a time.


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