President Obama wants to indoctrin–excuse me, encourage our school kids to do well in school, stay in school and make something of themselves. I see this plot for what it is. I have known WAYYY too many manipulators in my lifetime to think otherwise. You can’t just start out by saying to kids “follow me, I know what’s best for you.” Look back at last year when those infamous You-Tube videos came out about teenage boys singing in unison about “Obama says I can do _________ (fill in the blank)” Maybe that is really good and positive for kids who have no other role model. But from where I sit, I have worked long and hard to set a good example for my daughter and raise her appropriately, with the kind help and support of her father. Is this what the President doesn’t get? That there are MILLIONS of parents in the U.S. who (1) don’t need schools to rear their children and (2) don’t need the POTUS to do it either. So, back to the point about sneakiness–it starts out small, with a little speech across the nation about doing well and a lesson plan about “how can I help the President” Then, the next thing you know, he’s speaking to schools once a month, with more and more requests. Before you know it, you have a full-scale indoctrination of our nation’s youth (much like the Hitler youth, if you know much about early 20th century European history). Some people will say “that slope is slippery lawmom, so I ain’t going down it” Suit yourself. Last time I checked, I have life experience with manipulative people and it always starts this way. My detector is going off REALLY LOUDLY. So back off, Mr. POTUS/TOTUS and let me worry about encouraging my own child.



  1. Thank goodness you and Dave are not the only parents in the US who feel this way. A lot of them do. I hope this message can be spread across the nation, LOUD AND CLEAR.

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