The Government has Your Back–NOT REALLY

Cradle to Grave care. Frightening, isn’t it? Over 3 centuries ago, the Pilgrims came to this land and started working for themselves. They feared God and they lived off the land. I am not a staunch historian so I will not attempt to give an analysis of everything that has happened since that time. I just know that here it is 2009, and I am afraid of my government. When the people fear government, that is tyranny. Now, how many of us fear the government today? I am not sure of the answer to my question. Why is that, lawmom? Because we have a significant part of the population that welcomes government care and intrusion. It is my personal belief that the programs that started with FDR have created a strong blockade of government dependence going about 5 generations strong now. There are voices among the dependent people that say ENOUGH, and I applaud them. But for those of you who want the government to take care of you, consider this–a government that is big enough to give you everything you need is powerful enough to take everything you have. I am quoting statements without giving specific credit to the first people who stated them. Just understand that this is a hasty post made to emphasize that our founders and many patriots in our history knew what too much government power would accomplish. And here we stand on the brink of seeing our economy in ruins. I have never been more frightened of losing my freedoms than I am at this moment. I see them being whittled away at, and I don’t want to go quietly. You may not be able to physically see the big thug at the door with the night stick, but trust me–he’s there.


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