Isn’t that just the gist of it all? What motivation do each of us have to consider what is best for the country? We all look at our own home situations within our four walls to determine our political decisions. Our ancestors made many sacrifices so that we could be this bloody selfish. I’m not suggesting that we should sacrifice our own basic needs to make sure someone else is living high. But guess what? I think that’s what Congress wants us to do. When they asked for 8 corporate jets (that even the Pentagon did not request) to fly Congress people around, that was basically a “screw you, taxpayer, we are going to fly in style and you can ride ‘Southworst.'” But realistically, Congress knew they were going to create outrage with that request. So they reluctantly *insert fake sigh here* cut it back to only four jets. BOO HOO. I can’t afford ONE jet! Why can’t I? Because I am too busy paying for all the illegal aliens who want free healthcare and our federal laws give it to them, too busy paying for all the dopeheads who can’t “pay attention” so they can draw SSI, too busy bailing out corporations with poor management skills, too busy piling more money onto Fannie and Freddie because their crooked directors may need another $10M bonus or something, too busy funding megaweeks of unemployment checks so that people can have a disincentive to find work, too busy working at my own job, etc etc. Just once, I would like to see our elected officials in state and federal government look the American people squarely in the eye as a collective and figure out in a meaningful way, what is best for America! Could we have some of that before I die????


One response to “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!!!

  1. You go, GIRL. That is a really good, really accurate nail-on-the-head RANT. I am proud of you, sound sorta like your ol’ MAMA. That is EXACTLY what is wrong with our country, a great majority of the population do not give a rat’s patoot whether the country survives or not. They just want to lay on the couch and “draw” enough to just get by. With SSI because some dr. says they are too obese to hold a job, and the food stamps which now, I believe, allow them to buy sodas, chips, candy and other marginally-nutritious things, they can maintain that obeisity very nicely. All the while, we poor working stiffs throw in the support dollars. Yes, very well said, indeed.

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