I am not a mobster, a Republican plant, an Astroturfer, a Nazi, or any of those other really intelligent labels that the Democrats have been throwing around. In fact, I am a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. Let me just say again how embarrassing that is to me every time I see Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, or any of those other national figures get in front of a TV camera and try to represent the party I joined over 27 years ago. I took a college class in Logic at a little community college in Western Kentucky about 26 years ago. I seriously doubt if any of these braintrust people took this class, for if they did, they would know the fallacies of logic, such as argumentum ad hominem. While I believe in presenting my views in a quiet, logical manner on most days, I am human and I fail at times. However, if I am serving in a public capacity such as these servants of ours, I would think the voters have the right to demand that I (or they) show better behavior than to call the police “stupid;” to call protestors “Nazis;” to call tourists “smelly;” to say that protestors are too well-dressed to be legitimate citizens attending a townhall meeting; to send threatening letters to Governors who disagree with national policy, etc etc etc. This is all MINUTIAE. Please, I beg you, dear national leaders, get it together and quit running our economy and our traditions into the ground. We don’t have a George Soros or a at our disposal. We don’t have an army of ACORNS to go out and demonstrate loudly in bank lobbies. We don’t have SEIU members to pack the townhall before it even starts so that ordinary citizens have to stay outside (frankly that would piss me off and probably Batman too). Listen to us now, or pay the price come the next election.


3 responses to “NOW HEAR THIS!

  1. This is an astounding exercise in the very meaning of Logic, showing the very depths of the subject. One cannot adequately converse on any given subject without a depth of knowlege into that subject. This is a fact which the conversation of these “leaders” named in this blog comment demonstrates very well. So glad you weighed in on this.

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