Health care “reform” discussions are making me ILL

I am peripherally familiar with two or three major government programs that don’t work and are not patient-friendly. They are Medicaid, Medicare and Veterans Administration. I don’t believe I have ever been involved first-hand in any of these, except maybe Medicaid when I was much younger. When I have not had health insurance as an adult, I have paid for medical care out of my pocket. When I became fortunate enough to be able to have “health insurance” it has been stressful at times to be at the government’s mercy on what I will pay for a premium. If I thought it was bad to go through that, I will really be miserable when the health care reform really begins. It will come a time that I will no longer be able to call my Dr.’s office and get an appointment for the same week, same month, maybe even the same year. I’m almost 46 years old and in fairly good health. Will I be worthwhile to the health czar when I am 20 years older and have some annoying health problem? Will the health czar let me have a knee replacement if I need to? Will it allow my daughter to have a child? Or can only the people on welfare have children regularly at some point in the future? Who knows? I certainly don’t. It scares me though. Through and Through.


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