Affirmative Action Studies

Something else I have learned about life this week is the following: our tax dollars and many private funds are supporting the furtherance of racial hatred in this country.  It has become abundantly clear to me after reading the Gates-gate story and looking at the transcripts of the 911 call and other historical recordings of statements made by Gates, he brokers in hatred.  The single most productive outcome of this ridiculous situation would be if there could be some leadership in the black community that places personal responsibility in its proper priority.  If something happens to you that you don’t like, maybe you can do something positive to change it.  Maybe you can forgo, just this once, the temptation to attack a whole group of people because one member did something you don’t like.  Maybe you can set a better example, and encourage the people whom you formerly indoctrinated toward hating that class, to actually find common ground with that class.  But that isn’t possible in the world of people who MAKE MONEY and support their livelihood by fostering difference and hatred, rather than healing.  They have to further the existence of the division and hatred to ensure the continued lifeblood of their financial payoff they enjoy.  I don’t like being profiled, stereotyped or hated for the color of my skin any more than they do.  I don’t do it, and I don’t want it done.  It’s wrong, no matter who does it.   So how about this–stop funding the growth industry of hate mongering by giving special funds to black studies, white studies, green studies, yellow studies, orange studies, blue studies, etc.  Let’s just take all of America into one big study and learn from it.   Protected classes have all advanced significantly and integrated into society in droves.  ENOUGH.


One response to “Affirmative Action Studies

  1. Saw your message on Tammy’s website. If you think this guy looks creepy, check out his brother, Dr. Death — Ezekiel Emmanuel, M.D. He sounds like a real Nazi. As a Jew, I am horrified that they are too. I posted the link to Betsy Mccaughey’s article on Tammy’s site; she really exposes this guy, and Obama’s DeathCare, for what it really is. If you google Death Doctors Betsy McCaughey, you can see the article.

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