Is there ANYONE who is Above the law?

Three days later, I am still baffled as to how the President thought it was helpful to bring to the forefront an episode that clearly exhibits his and his friend’s attitude that important people don’t have to obey the law.  I, like Greta Van Susteren, would like to listen to all the audio that was made at the time of the incident in Cambridge, starting with when Professor Gates’ neighbor called the police to report a break-in at his home.  Later, I will blog separately on the impact of Professor Gates not knowing his neighbor, but that is for another day.  I can tell you, as a rural resident, I love a concerned neighbor.  They are the saving grace of society.  I want someone to call the police if they see someone breaking into my home.  On the surface, based on what we know through media reports of the incident, neighbor calls 911 and reports the break-in.  Sgt. James Crowley is in the vicinity and goes to the residence.  He sees that in fact people are there and appear to have entered unlawfully.  Like a dutiful police officer, sworn to protect and serve, he inquires and asks the “suspect” to step outside.  He has no way of knowing up to this point–from all indications–that the person who broke in is the forgetful owner returning from vacation.  The officer is trying to protect property and lives.  What does he get in return??  Tongue-lashing belligerence from Mr. Gates.  Comments intended to incite and escalate, from what it appears, were thrown at the officer after the point at which he confirmed that Gates was who he said he was.  Gates should have left it alone.  But people like Gates have apparently not been raised to respect and admire the job of a policeman.  Instead, the police are viewed suspiciously, as if they are there to falsely accuse and racially profile.  How insulting to Sgt. Crowley to accuse him of racial profiling, of all things!  Did the caller say “there’s a black man breaking into a neighbor’s house, and I don’t know my neighbor, but he can’t possibly be black so could you send a white, preferably racist police officer so that I’ll feel comfortable in my quest to exclude men of color from my block?”  DOUBT IT.  Gates and Obama don’t have just a chip on the shoulder; they have the whole boulder.  Guess what, dudes?  Not every white officer hates black people!  But, every officer has a sworn duty to investigate what appears to be a crime, and make satisfactory effort to determine the truth.  That does not logically invite derision or insults, and I don’t think anyone on Planet Earth legitimately believes that a police officer investigating a burglary is “acting stupidly” for taking cautious steps to ensure both his safety and the safety of the occupant(s) of the home and the neighbors.  That’s what these two Harvard Professors don’t get.  Well I get it.  You don’t have the right to be protected from arrest or exonerated from unacceptable or criminal behavior because you are a Harvard Professor or because you’re friends with the President.  Shame on both of you for not setting a better example for the young men and women of America, no matter what their skin color or ethnic background.  News Flash–YOU ARE THE RACISTS, NOT SGT. CROWLEY.


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