A Teachable Moment

There are jobs I have done that have taught me a lot about humility, bullying and what is right.  I am not perfect and don’t claim to be.  I look back on an almost 19-year career and I see moments during which I want to cringe and say “Did I REALLY say/do that?”  But you learn from those moments.  Those are what most sane, rational, mature adults call teachable moments.  But alas, the most sullen, self-centered, narcissistic person with a permanent microphone in front of him has used this term out of context and put a different spin on it.

President Barack Obama set Lynn Sweet up on Wednesday night at his press conference (I refuse to use that idiotic term “presser”) to give him a platform to spew his hateful, accusatory comments about a hard-working, veteran police officer who was doing his job.  The “teachable moment” was missed.  Professor Gates was in the wrong, from everything I have read.  President Obama should have said Professor Gates’ situation is a private matter and not my concern.  But if he wanted to comment and accomplish a teachable moment, he could have said, “I wish Professor Gates would have thanked the officer, as that would have set an example of respect toward law enforcement.”


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