Confused and Irrational–Yep, that’s the Liberal Movement alright.

The liberal, left-wing bloggers are no doubt salivating at the chance to bring down Sarah Palin.  How many words have been written about this woman in the last 11 months?  Has anyone dared to count?  I personally have written well over 10,000 words.  I am just one little lonely voice of admiration in a sea of hatred and vilification.  I pity the people on the right who are not brave enough or smart enough to stand up for Sarah.  That plants them squarely among the establishment.  It is the bold, brave and courageous few who can see her for who she is.  As Monica Crowley so eloquently stated a few weeks ago on the O’Reilly Factor program, she constitutes an existential threat to the current political powers-that-be.  She also constitutes a threat to lukewarm RINOs who are too ashamed, afraid or spineless to be true conservatives.  There are true conservatives in this country who are pleading for their voice to be heard.  I am PROUD to support someone whose philosophies mirror my own, whose values I share, and who can artfully speak for us.  The West and the East Coasts don’t understand her; she scares them with her normalness.  She is WE.  We are she.  I appreciate her carrying the pitchfork for me, since I am too busy working and taking care of my family to do it myself.  Be afraid Liberals.  You ain’t seen nothing yet, like a woman who is strong and courageous enough to turn down the government check while she pursues a more nationwide calling.  Unlike the others (Clinton, Obama, McCain, Biden), she doesn’t think it’s all about her.  She knows it’s all about US.


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