Women in this world CAN think for themselves. Believe it OR NOT

Jack Palance, when he hosted Ripley’s Believe it or Not in the 1970s or 1980s, had such a cool inflection in his voice.  Believe it . .  .  or NOT.  I still get chills when I imagine him saying that.  I use it a lot too.  With great apologies to him, God rest his soul.

Why am I blogging today?  Sarah Palin–quite possibly the single most misunderstood woman in American history– at least in my memory of it, announced her resignation as Alaska’s governor in yesterday’s news.  Let me tell you again why I like and respect Sarah Palin so much.  She is human, and unashamed of her flaws.  She is a Christian, and unashamed of it. She is proudly conservative.  She runs a tight ship; she loves her family, even though they’re not perfect.  She accepts what life deals her without complaining about it.  She calls out the wrongs like no one else.  She is HONEST.

Please please please, read the book with her picture on the cover.  Someone I work with gave it to me for my birthday last year.  After I read it, I had a lot more information about her upbringing and her abilities.  I respected and admired her even more.  If she was a man, she’d be ____________________ (fill in your own blank here).    But because she’s a woman (yes, darnit, I said it-sexism rears its ugly head once again) she doesn’t get the respect she deserves.  People on the left (and some on the right who are not right with God or the conservative notions) are terrified of her.  As well they should be.  She plans to reform the corruption in Washington.  And anywhere else it exists.  John McCain didn’t mean to pick her; I’m convinced of it.  He had no idea what he was getting into.  But thank God he brought her to our attention.  Rock on Sarah.  I’m with ya.


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