What Really Happened-AIG

We may never know WHO decided bailing out AIG was a good idea.  I suspect it was Henry Paulson and I suspect he got a benefit from it.  Have we checked up on that?  Anyway, the most INGENIOUS financial wizard in the country — Tax Cheat Tim Geithner (who can’t manage Turbo Tax) — apparently wrote part of the bailout agreement that ultimately became so controversial.  Then the Democrats and some misguided Repellicans voted on the stimulus bill without reading it; Chris Dodd allowed some exclusionary language on executive compensation caps to be put in–in his name–and then conveniently forgot that; then our illustrious POTUS/TOTUS signed it (almost five days later, even though it was rushed through Congress because it was an “emergency”) and now they have the nerve to tell US (meaning United States) that it is AIG’s fault?  More specifically, Edward Liddy, who graciously accepted ONE DOLLAR for his trouble and then as a bonus thank you got RIPPED APART in Congressional hearings over what these nitwits caused to begin with?  This is an OUTRAGE and every Democrat and Republican who participated in it should be thrown out of office.  Get your most powerful weapon ready America.  VOTE.


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