Smoke and Mirrors

I have a post to make that I typed on  November 4, 2008.  I decided at the time that this post was just too heavy-hearted and I was trying to be positive.  Six weeks later, I have decided to post it.

We have all been duped by a season of trickery, deceit and subterfuge.  Yes, mom it DOES pay to increase your word power!  After all, I can describe our seeming future president in many different ways, none of which are too positive.  I don’t like being a defeatist, but it does seem as though he has succeeded in stealing the election.  Even with the big goon standing out in front of the Philly polling station today, the American public seems intent on having this dude be our POTUS.

I pray God will heal my grief and the grief of my fellow McCain/Palin supporters.  We could use a break.


4 responses to “Smoke and Mirrors

  1. dang it there you go again joe, using those big ole words i dont have a clue to….. sub fudge is that a new type of food lynn cant have. santa will be at my house in 9 days, i am eagarly awaiting him…….

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