you think YOU have problems?

This post will be about Gov. Rod Blagojevich.  It is much easier to type his name that to say it three times fast.  Gov. Blago appears to be in deep doo-doo.  It will take us all years to completely understand and analyze this, but one thing strikes me right off the bat.  Every time someone mentions Chicago and politics in the same sentence, you eventually get this sentiment expressed “Well you know what they say about Chicago politicians.”  Now, my point is this–if everyone knows this, are we EVER going to do anything about it?

That brings me to my next point.  Why is the Chicago Tribune interfering with law enforcement investigations and getting away with it?  There are many many posts I could make just on this subject alone.  I choose to let it play out.

Thanks for “listening”  Carry on.  And count  your blessings that your name isn’t Rod Blagojevich.


2 responses to “you think YOU have problems?

  1. How can you impeach, before you are proven guilty. I think he was joking around and got set up.. Go. gov. rod…i back you…

    and lawmom have you lost your last mind, going to paducah in the ice today…what r u thinking…. lol

    miss you…

  2. I would not want to bet the farm that Blago is NOT guilty! Someone recently said, after seeing 78 pages of testimony and evidence, they forgot to call PETA “about the DEAD CAT on his HEAD.” Oh, well, just a little humor, we kind of need it these days. But, there is a certain something about the political climate in Chicago, isn’t there?

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