Sarah Siting

yes I intentionally misspelled that word.  Funny thing about words.  You can type something with the same sound and mean something completely different.  I think they call those “homophones” but it might be homonyms (Oh man, 5th grade English don’t fail me now!).  Anyway, on to the point (and yes I do have one).  Sarah was spotted today in 4 venues in GA at rallies for Saxby Chambliss.  He’s a guy running for U.S. Senate and this race has taught me that I will never know all there is to know about politics, no matter how hard I might try!  By the way, if I said “Sarah was sighted” (that means she can see) that is different from saying “Sarah was cited” (which means she got a ticket or award).  If I say “Sarah was sited” that means she has a website.

Have a great Monday!! and an even better Tuesday.


4 responses to “Sarah Siting

  1. I saw Sarah in Savannah. She was so positive and praised everyone: Mc Cain included.Sarah thanked Georgians for taking care of her son who was stationed at Ft. Benning. As usual, Sarah connected with the many people who were there.
    The race in GA was close, and I believe Sarah was the reason he won. I held up my sign and told many about the group.
    In the intro to TS,one new member to TS answered the question “How did you hear about TS ?” with the answer “at the rally in Savannah.”
    I miss my friends at TS. I was banned on 20 Jan.

  2. Priscilla, I don’t know why you and several others were recently banned. Some have graciously returned. I hope you will consider returning, but I am still not sure what happened. We miss you. Thanks for posting. I love Sarah.

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