December, here we come

Well, it’s almost December.  I love the holiday spirit, but I don’t like the nastiness of some people during this season.  I believe in God and I believe this is a time to put aside our differences of opinion and worship Him.  Some people don’t believe in God.  I feel sorry for them, because I know that all of this “stuff” on this earth is just a speck in the wind compared to our eternal promise of life from our Creator.  That’s why I try not to get too upset about the stock market and the state of our republic.  However, I would like my daughter’s quality of life to be better than mine has been.  So far, I think we are making that goal.  But, when it is all said and done, we will be leaving this earth and going to our reward.  I hope all of you have a plan that jibes with THE plan.  God bless you.


One response to “December, here we come

  1. so does that mean i m not getting a present from lawmom?????? gosh…. i though december was all about me…………..thanks for letting me know a nother month will pass and its not all about me… when will i get a month that is all about me… why do i have to wait…… please give me a gary24 month about him……

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