What did I cook?

I cooked a turkey.  I cannot believe that for 20+ years I have been cooking Thanksgiving.  Now, let’s be honest about this; I don’t do it EVERY  year.  But I have done it quite a few times over those 20+ years.  My favorite story was the year I cooked a duck.  Mr. Lawmom and I had not been together very long when that cooking adventure occurred.  We were living in Henderson (pre-law school) and we decided that a duck would make a good meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Hmmmmmm.  When God made ducks did he just look at it and say “Hmmm, I’ll put a funny yellow flat thing on it’s face and St. Francis, would you hand me the larder?”  They are greasy little things.  Oh My goodness.  That was an interesting meal.  I would like to provide details, but for the sake of my sanity, most of it has been blocked out 🙂

I had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with my mother, husband, daughter and myself.  I love cooking for family and I love my family.  and I love to brine turkey, it turns out.

Ni nis.


One response to “What did I cook?

  1. i dont know what brine means… quit using those big words….. i wish i had button eyes and a red felt nose, a shaggy cotton tail and just one set of clothes, i would be sitting in a local department store not walmart, with no dreams to dream and nothing to be sorry for. i wish i was a teddy bear, not living or loving or going nowhere….

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