Integrity versus Popularity

It’s getting harder and harder to know what to say without making a fringe group angry.  On the one hand, we do have a first amendment in this country that for years has guaranteed our right to say what we want to say (with reasonable restrictions) and to worship as we wish and to associate with whom we choose (also within reason–no terrorism allowed).  Since I am a licensed attorney, I know somewhat more about this subject than average Joe citizen on the street.  However, having said that, I don’t go around blowing off about how much I know.  I answer questions when they are asked.  I correct misstatements when I see them.  Interpreting the law is tricky because sometimes opinions are based upon what is expedient versus what is “right.”  As a nation, we are interested in our lawmakers and judges doing what is “right.”  However, a lot of times, they are interested in doing what is expedient.  I hope that what I am saying makes sense to you and that you can apply it in a broad range of contexts.  I for one will always seek to do what is right, rather than what is expedient.


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