Waiting for Comic Genius to Erupt

Some days I am really on fire, and then other days people are quieter than crickets.  Humor and satisfaction in knowing I do a good job are two things that keep me going on most days (in addition, to our blessings from our Creator that I am most thankful for).  But the earthly joys abound as well.  I trade in dark sarcasm most of the time, and I don’t think God would object to that, or He would not have given me this gift.  I have not had any coffee yet this morning, and I woke up suddenly to realize I didn’t have my alarm clock near.  That’s not the way to start the day!!  Anyway, maybe I’ll get that flash of comic genius or I will figure out something really inspiring to say.  Until then. . . . . .   we wait.


2 responses to “Waiting for Comic Genius to Erupt

  1. Mom I thank God every day for women like you. Your strength and knowledge shine through. I pray that my daughter will walk in your footsteps. I am saving all for her to read (when she is old enough to understand – she just turned 5 – yet she gets it on her level!) Love your blog :>)

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