It’s Getting Harder and harder to make sense of it all

Here it is Monday.  On  Monday, at least in Kentucky in November, it’s dreary, cold and breezy.  Sometimes we have a sunny day, but those are rare 🙂  The presidential election has been done for almost two weeks now and it is still difficult to grasp how so much could have gone so horribly wrong.  I need to give up searching for answers and just trust God.  But, when I look at my country and sense that it could crumble, I have to say “Is this really His will?”  There are many of you who are right there with me, I suspect.  Pray Pray Pray.


2 responses to “It’s Getting Harder and harder to make sense of it all

  1. Thank you for taking a stand for our country. As a woman, Christian, wife, mother, grandmother I am praying for Christians across this land to be on our knees. God tells us if we will repent and turn from our wicked ways, that He will hear from heaven and heal our land. I know we’ve gotten so far away from Him that He has had to bring discipline on us to get our attention. How on earth did we sit by and allow all the liberal academia to instill all this in our young people? Well, “it” didn’t apply to me. I was busy teaching my children the truth. But still, I took the easy way and didn’t take a stand. They took prayer out of our schools but it didn’t apply to me. I live in the Bible Belt and our kids still pray. Of course, it has to be the kids but at least they still pray before the games and at graduation. So, it hasn’t affected me. But we went to the Dallas Ft Worth area for our Christian grandson to graduate from a large high school in the Metroplex and God was not so much as mentioned. That hurt. I don’t know what it will take for us to get serious and realize what we are losing. Our young people don’t really know what we are talking about. They don’t understand that socialism is bad. The letter Sean Hannity read this afternoon from a man in East Texas (somebody the driller) said it very well. Not meaning to write a book but just thinking about how our many, many of our youth just don’t have a clue about what’s going on. Reading excerpts from Saul Alinsky’s book and hearing Obama repeat the same thoughts is frightening. We must unite behind strong, young Conservatives such as Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindahl. I still believe Newt has great, knowledgeable wisdom. I like what I’m hearing from Michael Steele. I will continue to pray. Thank you again. Blessings, Shirley

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