When Republicans are Hungry

What happens when Republicans get Hungry?  I don’t mean they want some breakfast either.  This is metaphorical.  In 1976, we elected the WORST president of my lifetime-James Earl Carter.  There were several reasons for this, but most prominent in my middle-aged mind, in looking back, were the broken promises of the Republican party and the Watergate scandal that rocked the nation.  Now, add to that some energy troubles and other issues, and you have the recipe for a change.  So here comes this down-home peanut farmer from Georgia.  Who would think that a good ole southern boy could be so *fill in your own adjective*?

Fast forward to 2008.  We have been living in great times, considering everything that has happened to us since January 20, 2001.  We survived the worst attack on American soil ever, we survived several hurricanes, floods and fires, but the war drags on.  And when a war drags on the eventual casualties also become the people who are committed to its successful conclusion, even when the savagery of Vietnam is still a memory.  But even more prominent in the minds of many Americans is the economy.  “if we weren’t fighting this stupid war, our economy would be sound”  “Why are we spending billions of dollars on this war?”  I get so tired of hearing these complaints.  Freedom is not FREE.  I will gladly approve cutting that check until the threats we face are abolished.  More insidious, however, is the threat to our very existence as the free and powerful nation we became due to the beliefs of our founding fathers in our inalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator.  The Republicans did not see the whole picture on this time around.  They probably thought Hillary would be the nominee and she is certainly no threat to national security, although she was not my choice either.

Now that Barack Obama is our President Elect, I can clearly envision a situation in which our core values will be severely compromised, our pocketbooks will be picked to fund every kind of idiocy the Congress can invent, and lo and behold, the GOP once again will become hungry.  They will be determined to take back our nation!  We are over all a very conservative nation.  We hold traditional values that a few nutjobs are screaming to have the president and Congress permanently eliminate.  Jon Stewart is the host of the Daily Show.  He said that being religious doesn’t mean you’re a good person,  it just means you go to church.  Well, if you go to the CORRECT church (as opposed to the “wright” church) aren’t you going to pick up some values by OSMOSIS?  I am digressing into another whole blog here.  Sorry.  But the point is–core values and principles must make a comeback.  Every little bit our country’s beliefs erode, the secular parts of society gain a foothold.  Republicans, if you’re hungry, let’s get COOKIN.


One response to “When Republicans are Hungry

  1. I agree. If we are hungry for the right change let us not simply vent our sentiments on deaf ears or upon the ears that are in agreement with us. We must let our voices be heard where they will get recognition from the media (well at the least conservative media) – yet if our voice is strong enough msm will have to hear us. The left wing politicians – in fact all politicians need to realise that our voice will not be silenced. Our Government Needs To Hear Us. Do not back down. Do everything within the letter of the law and take action. My prayer is that all conservatives will come together with one voice and take action now and for as long as it takes until our task is complete. Write to SCOTUS, write to Congress, write to Senate. Don’t just complain and sit there as lame ducks. Voice your opinion – take action. It is your privilege and right as an American. Do not give up – this battle is just too important. May God Bless You All. God Bless America.

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