Bailout for me; Bailout for you. Don’t count on it. Only irresponsible huge companies that won’t modernize get free money

Who would have ever dreamed that the Treasury Secretary would become the most important political figure?  I mean, after all, this person works with the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and others to oversee our money situation in terms of making it, distributing it, etc.  But, in 2008, he’s one powerful dude.  Turns out, this lovely  man has duped a president and a Congress into giving him free rein over the nation’s money supply to dole out to every “hat in hand” CEO that visits him.  When I was younger, I worked part-time to help pay the bills at my house.  I started working when I was either 16 or 17.  I drove a little blue Falcon that was quite the car.  More on that in another installment.  My mom helped me with a down payment, but we financed a small loan for me at the local bank and I made payments.  My first real experience with financial responsibility.  I never missed a payment.  It’s just what you do.  You don’t mishandle your finances, make poor decisions and then look to someone else to bail you out for it.  Mom, could you have taken time to raise AIG, Lehman Brothers, Bear-Stearns, General Motors, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and all these other conglomerates who now want to or are sucking the life out of our national Treasury??  Maybe if you had, they would be as personally responsible as I am.  Thanks Mom.


One response to “Bailout for me; Bailout for you. Don’t count on it. Only irresponsible huge companies that won’t modernize get free money

  1. The bailouts need to stop. They have clearly made no impact whatsoever on the financial industry. The government has absolutely no idea what they are doing with TARP. Now the auto industry? Obama is pushing for that. Gee, don’t we have bankruptcy court? The automobile industry should file for reorganization, renegotiate those ridiculous union contracts and progressively move forward to produce vehicles that the public is willing to purchase. Smells like a union bailout to me.

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