If you can’t trust the President, who CAN you trust?

We are a nation founded under the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We are endowed by our Creator with these inalienable rights.   I will confess that I am guilty of taking these rights for granted.  I have lived a life of trusting my President and trusting my congressional leaders.  Every now and then, a bad apple or two would be discovered and tossed out, but for the most part, the leaders have had the sense of duty and purpose that the founding fathers envisioned.  I can honestly say that while I pray fervently that I am dead wrong about this administration, I am not getting a good sense of protection of our way of life as a strong value.  There’s a really good reason that Senators are not elected President very often.  We will now realize that again, I’m afraid.  We have TWO senators in high positions.  One Senator is a young person with a strong reputation for extreme-left behavior and partisanship; the other Senator is an old salt who has forgotten why he was put there.  Another front-page blurb I read was Albert W. Gore Jr. as some kind of environmental Czar.  Oh my!! If the Inconvenient Truth of that announcement doesn’t make you shiver, nothing will.

Okay, here’s the point.  Men will always fail you, no matter what.  You must put your faith and trust in God, as He will never fail you.  For those of you who might want to now label me as some kind of zealot, knock yourself out.  God has never failed me.


3 responses to “If you can’t trust the President, who CAN you trust?

  1. I too am very fearful for our way of life under the rule of the left wing left. My prayers at this time are for the truth to come out on who this guy really is.

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