Separating the Wheat from the Chaffe

You have possibly heard this expression for years, but have you ever really stopped to consider what it truly means?  Are each of you sufficiently acquainted with farming to understand its complete significance to life’s principles?  Consider a single stalk of wheat. (Sidebar confession–I had to Google “stalk of wheat” to make sure I was using correct term).  It starts as a green, tender blade and shoots up into a spiky stalk with grains.  When you pluck a single stalk of wheat from the ground, you will see that only a small part of it is actually useful.  The stalk, and the husks around the tender grains of wheat are waste, after they have served their purpose.  The grain serves as the foundation for what you can produce, be it bread, flour or other useful product.

As adults, we choose the facts we want to believe and the people with whom we want to associate ourselves.  In doing so, I try to be mindful of what I can repeat with confidence in its accuracy and who I can trust to tell me the truth.  Wouldn’t this be a great place if EVERYONE did that?


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