Fighting Sexism in the Republican Party

I was thrilled with the selection of Governor Palin.  However, a man I know very well commented on her in this way “She’s hotter than doughnut grease.”  Yes, she’s very beautiful; it’s a beauty that goes from inside out and is expressed in every word, deed and action.  What is it about this woman that enthralls some and enrages others?  Have you noticed there’s no middle ground with her?  Take a poll this week.  Track your results; post them on this blog if you want to.

The point is this–Sarah Palin is a rising young star in the Republican party.  Those who are out to despise, belittle and destroy her not only demean themselves, but they risk the ire of millions of voters.  It’s like a bumper sticker I saw one time–Eat More Sheep, 60,000 coyotes cain’t be wrong.  Get Sarah a leadership role; 55 million voters cain’t be wrong.  Are you listening men?


8 responses to “Fighting Sexism in the Republican Party

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  2. So very true. Never in my life have I witnessed such disrespect for any candidate. Has anyone ever commented on where a VP or Presidential candidate for that matter bought their suits, ties, socks? It seemed as if the Country and the jerks in the media where trying to silence her voice simply because she is a woman. Let’s pick on her clothes, she has kids how can she be a VP. GIVE ME A BREAK.

  3. Abother question, why did OB attend his grandma s funeral, never heard a word about that, didn t he just love her…….??????????????????????????????????

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