Remember our Beloved “Uncle Ronnie”?

Why don’t more people understand the simple concept of the Little Red Hen?  If I scratch around and find the grains and plant the garden and nurture the garden and harvest the wheat and bake the bread, WHY SHOULD I have to give half the loaf to the lazy person down the street who did not lift a finger to help me!  Is it my God-given right to enjoy what I discover and give charitably in accordance with my own conscience (which I believe the Bible supports and exhorts, but tells me not to be proud or boastful about); it is NOT the government’s right to take it from me against my will.  I will shout this from the rooftops until I’m hoarse.


One response to “Remember our Beloved “Uncle Ronnie”?

  1. Let the truth be told. I allowed my children to listen to this and even pulled the book out for the younger ones. Keep up the good work.

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