got a letter from NOW. Funny Obama’s name was not mentioned at all – I returned it written across – ASK OBAMA.

Also I got a letter from aarp and did the same. Someone call me asking and I told them I did not have money etc. she kept going until I told her ask Obama. I think she was a supporter because she hung up immediately.

I will make business cards first with Obama site and later with the white house number and the dnc – ASK OBAMA and will give to everyone in the street who ask for money.

I will limit my contribution to a very small group of my choice as I need to save my money. The redistribution will need to come from someone else.

If you like this idea pass it around.


3 responses to “Thanks SAMJOE

  1. I had also thought about this very idea. The difference was I was going to use play money. It would say play money, with BO’s picture and would say redeem at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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