I HAD a dream (with apologies to Dr. King)

I had a dream once.  I dreamed that every person regardless of race, creed, color, gender or religious belief could be born into this great country we call the United States and that they could live the American Dream.  Our forefathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence that they held certain truths self-evident.  White men writing down beliefs that they aspired to, but that also took our country decades to truly realize.  When the realization did not come quickly enough in some areas (whether it be treating black people badly, and considering them 3/5 of a person or torturing women who simply wanted to cast a ballot — less than 100 years ago, I might add!) there was much violence and strife.  But we had to live through many tragedies and hard times to get to this nation we have.  We still have many problems, that is true.  But I really believed in my childhood that things would be better.  I often take time to reflect on what my short history has entailed, and the victories and progress I have been blessed to have.  The ability to strive and succeed are there for the taking.  I still believe we should pursue them honorably, without trickery or deceit.  A girl can dream, eh?


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