What exactly ARE our rights?

Republican president Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation proclamation; Martin Luther King, Jr., was a Republican; What you don’t understand about Freedom is this: In 1776, our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence. In that writing, they said that “We hold these truths self-evident, that all men are created equal” They also said that we all have been endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, including the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Now, I defy you to find one place in there where they stated that some people have the right to be supported by other people’s money. I give voluntarily, but I don’t want it taken from me. Democrats (creators of the New Deal, by the way) have a long history of taking money from the rich and redistributing it to the poor. They feel they know better about what will cure society’s ills. By the way, your Democrat friends, who are so in favor of “freedom” would restrict freedom of speech. If they get into office, they will seek to reinstitute something called the ‘fairness doctrine’ which is anything but fair. That’s what Democrats do. They put pretty sounding labels on things to make you think it’s helpful. Republicans, on the other hand, want free markets, want to give you freedom to succeed or fail if you are in business, support freedom of speech, and many other freedoms. By the way, have you stopped to consider who is trying to restrict freedom of speech in this presidential election? Mr. Barack Obama and his “truth squads” that’s who!
Also, do banks have the freedom to decide who gets to borrow money based upon sensible financial principles? Give up? NOPE, they don’t. Wanna know why? That freedom was taken from them by none other than Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Who were they? Two Democratic presidents who encouraged lenders to give loans for affordable housing through the Community Reinvestment Act and then in 1995 when Bill Clinton passed regulations to encourage looser lending practices in furtherance of the aim of “affordable housing.” When John McCain called for legislation that would tighten up the problems with those types of loans, he was defeated. Political correctness saved the day once again for people who don’t value the principle of owning a home is a privilege to be earned, not a right protected by the Constitution. The only decision in lending money should be: Can you pay it back? Not, what color are you?


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