Living our Lives on Lockdown

I don’t think what I am reading every day is panic-driven.  I think it is the reality of a glamorous and attractive candidate who was not properly vetted.  The information about Barack Obama that we are now being inundated with has been there for the asking, as it is all documented history.  While he has been nearly expert at keeping our snoopy noses out of his medical, scholastic and personal life history, except for the two books he wrote, there are articles and interviews out there that are just now surfacing.  YouTube has one that is particularly telling that is linked to the front page of  Here it is:

This next comment is for all you people who are intent on thinking that I or anyone else supporting McCain are racist.  I don’t like his actions, his beliefs, his policies, or his attitude.  He never served one day in the military, he is arrogant, he uses Public Allies and ACORN to bully people and businesses, he gives money away like it is candy, and he wants to take away our guns, he sneers at people who love the Bible, he cozies up to socialists like they are best friends, he was a New Party candidate in Chicago.  ETC. ETC.  I have only scratched the surface of why I don’t want him for POTUS.

The last time I checked, I had the right to express my opinion.  But because he will probably be our next president that will disappear too.  He favors the Fairness Doctrine, which will cease the existence of conservative talk radio that I enjoy.  He will probably also try to limit what is said and broadcast on the networks.  Does anyone remember Barbara West? She’s the upstart from in Orlando, Florida who DARED to ask Joe Biden some appropriate questions.  She was rewarded with a cancellation of Jill Biden’s interview for the next newsday.

If none of this scares the peedoodle out of you, then cast your vote accordingly.  As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord and vote Republican.


One response to “Living our Lives on Lockdown

  1. Well said. I am still holding out hope however that McCain will emerge victorious. I also hope that this travesty that some have the gall to call the “election process” will serve as a wake up call to Americans and show just how many things we take for granted and have come so close to losing this time.

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