Semper Fidelis

Today is the 25th anniversary of the bombing at Beirut.  Some of you might wonder, why is she mentioning this?  Well, it’s significant for several reasons.  241 military men lost their lives that day, 237 of whom were Marines.  The main reason is that my husband of 19 years was in the basement when that barracks was attacked by the truck bomb and survived but saw many die that day.  The second reason is that my brother is a Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps and has served honorably for 30 years (go Dan).  The third reason is that Ronald Reagan came up with this idea to send the Marines to Beirut and someone told him not to do it.  That person was John McCain.  I think Reagan later deeply regretted not taking that advice.  At any rate, we aren’t bitter, we love our country, we praise the military for their continuous and faithful protection of us.  Thank you Lord for the Marines, and for John McCain and Ronald Reagan.


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