William Ayers Can’t Even bring him Down

I have to be really honest about something this morning.  It scares me to think that there are that many people in this country who are so hellbent on electing our first black president that they are not listening to his ideas, thinking about his alliances, or considering where he will take us.  I am not just talking about the economy, although I have a vivid memory of hard times under President Carter, that were followed by 12 years of prosperity under Republican leadership.  I can easily imagine the foreign policy nightmare that would become our government, especially if the untreated adult Asperger candidate gets confirmed as Secretary of State.  And I am so sorry to people with the gift of Asperger’s to lump you in the category with that moron.  Maybe it’s just Narcissistic Personality Disorder masquereding as AS.  In fact, I look at the whole spate of Democrats and I just wonder–what are you people thinking!  Barney Frank openly admits he will spend us dry just two days ago; Joe Biden thinks paying more taxes is patriotic; Nancy Pelosi is busily licking her chops at the thought of commandeering a Congress that will guide through yet another robbery of our Treasury.  And to top all of this off, not even Ayers book blurbing by Barack Obama with a shout-out on page 82 can damage this man in the polls!!  I sure am going to miss America when she’s gone.


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