The Desperation in the Air is THICK

Wow, the media are desperate, the Democrats are desperate and I am laughing.  I live in a state that is largely and solidly committed red, so my vote doesn’t count.  Don’t worry, though, I am voting.  But you cannot turn on the TV or go to your favorite news website without seeing something about “forget it, McCain, you can’t win” and “Barack Obama is going to be our next president.”  Frankly, folks, only God knows the answer to that and what it will all mean.  Can we just stop being so nasty with all these John Kerry attacks on John McCain’s personal undergarment needs?  Can we stop rolling out all these endorsements?  The dueling endorsements is especially annoying, because I don’t look to others for my opinion.  I have lots of experience making up my own mind, TYVM.  And let’s don’t forget that manly dissection of Joe the Plumber’s life and livelihood; that was really IMPRESSIVE (not).  And now I read bloggers shouting with glee that the evil Republican Mark Jacoby has finally been brought to justice!  Thank God; I really thought he was plotting to undo the election in CALIFORNIA.  Yeah Right!  Now, let’s get our baskets and gather up some ACORNS for the fire.  And quit listening to those idiots that insist on screaming that Obama is elected already.  It ain’t over till it’s OVER.


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