I AM Joe the Plumber–Are you?

If Obama wants Joe the Plumber to disappear, does that mean he doesn’t care what the little guy thinks?  It seems as though he is desperate to pander to the masses, and then he gets a real opportunity to seal that deal and what does he do?  He sneers in disdain “how many plumbers do YOU know that make a quarter million?”

Once again, BO missed the point!  That is JOE’S DREAM!!  And all of us who are potential Joes have that dream.  We all play around with the idea of “What if I could invent the next ____________?”  Why do you think those “inventor” and “work at home to make a million plus” scams work so well?  Aye Carumba!


2 responses to “I AM Joe the Plumber–Are you?

  1. Kathy, it’s hard to say what to make of that. I am just not sure whether this birth certificate thing is going to hold water, but it would be really cool to get him disqualified.

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