In fifteen days, we will have an election of historic proportions.  Two important historical happenings accompany this election:  the nomination of the first African-American man to the position of president and the nomination of the first Republican woman to the position of vice-president. There is polarization and disdain flowing pretty evenly from a lot of areas.  It’s a shame, in my opinion, that we cannot simply enjoy the history of this moment.  I took my daughter to see Hillary Rodham Clinton when she came to my town to give a stump speech.  I wasn’t supporting HRC, but it was a chance for my daughter to participate in history and know that anything is possible when you work hard and believe in success.  I would love to take her to see Sarah Palin, too, but Ms. Sarah isn’t going to be anywhere near my neighborhood anytime soon 🙂  As for Sen. Obama, he has enough supporters without me clogging up his venues 🙂

Please, whatever your thoughts and ideology, just exercise your RIGHT to vote.  And continue to fight hard to protect this valuable freedom we have enjoyed for so long.  Thank you; that is all.


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