Are you With Me or Agin me?

Who will be next?  Who will Barack Obama throw under the bus this week?  A nice, average guy like Samual J. Wurzelbacher is probably wondering that very thing.  As you know, he is Joe the Plumber.  Barack Obama reviled and demeaned him terribly, after Joe did the American thing of talking to a presidential candidate and asking him a very probing and intelligent question.  HOW DARE HE??  Obama went on to sic his goons on all aspects of Joe’s life.  I am so thankful for Joe!  As not only does he epitomize the American spirit of entrepreneurship that Obama apparently despises and seeks to destroy, but he also made a front page issue of Obama’s elitism and his disdain for the “Average Joe.”  Well, Joe, sorry that you are under the bus, my friend, but I appreciate your sacrifice for all of us Americans who needed a miracle this week.


2 responses to “Are you With Me or Agin me?

  1. Hi Lawmom,

    Are you a lawyer? I think when this blows
    up I would like to see a Class action lawsuit
    launched on behalf of the American Citizens against the liberal media (ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN)
    as well as Pelosi, Dodd, Frank. In my mind they have committed the biggest FRAUD against the American People. One of our fundamental rights is for free speech and for fair and partial elections. There efforts to suppress information and mis-lead the general public is nothing sort of criminal. I would like to see all of those newspapers and TV stations driven out of business so that reputable stations with reputable journalists can prevail….

  2. Yes, Moms (Kathy) I am a lawyer. But not a very good one 🙂 No, I work for a government agency and thus can only sue certain people. That’s a very interesting proposal you have about a class action suit against the media. Hmmmmm. I’ll have to really ponder that one.

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